Objectif Lune and Nu-book, two Québec-based companies, join forces to create cutting-edge field force automation solution

The partnership aims at improving productivity and decreasing costs in document-intensive industries

Montreal, Canada – March 5, 2015 – Objectif Lune, a Montréal-based technology company that develops a wide range of solutions for data-driven communications and business process automation, and Nu-book, a Québec-based company that specializes in integrated digital platforms for mobile documents, today announced that they have partnered to create a never-before-seen field force automation solution, Capture OnTheGo.

Capture OnTheGo offers clients that are inundated with transactional forms, such as logistics, insurance, field service, retail, real-estate and medical-related companies, an automated and portable solution for their employees to access and update crucial documents while in the field. Capture OnTheGo addresses a major paradox in the market. Astoundingly, 80% of corporate printing resides with transactional forms—and yet 80% of all this printing comes from documents that were created electronically. With Capture OnTheGo, Objectif Lune and Nu-book provide an affordable and efficient alternative to the inertia paper causes in business processes.

Thanks to an intuitive interface, collecting data, filling out and validating forms and sending them back to in-house systems, such as CRM or ERP software, has never been easier and more secure. Installed on any smartphone or tablet, Capture OnTheGo enables users to upload signatures, multimedia content, geo-localization information and much more. Thanks to its structured framework and use of companies’ existing documentation, Capture OnTheGo users can also ensure regulatory compliance in legal, medical and insurance fields. Capture OnTheGo is available on all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Capture OnTheGo will be officially launched during Objectif Lune’s 20th anniversary celebrations, which will take place in Montréal on March 12.

“Transactional documents are the backbone of any organization, including in the insurance, municipal and construction industries that have many inspection agents or mobile workers. How they are handled can make or break operational efficiency, improve profitability and customer satisfaction,” explained Didier Gombert, CEO of Objectif Lune. “Now, with Capture OnTheGo, Nu-Book and Objectif Lune are giving companies a powerful way to positively impact their bottom lines.”

“Despite major advances in mobile technology and digital communications, many companies are still struggling with a glut of documents and transactional forms that need to be accessible 24/7—no matter where their staff is located,” explained François Guérard, CEO of Nu-book. “Capture OnTheGo offers an intuitive and streamlined solution for users of all types to collect data in the field, efficiently and securely. Our partnership is clearly aimed at helping companies of all types to achieve truly paperless communications and transactions.”

About Objectif Lune

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About Nu-book

Nu-book has been developing sophisticated, yet practical, technology platforms for the document publishing and printing industry for over 40 years. Throughout the years, we have believed that technology is the gateway to the future of how documents of all types are accessed, consulted and shared. Visit today for more information on how we can bring that future to you.